Working Mum?

Could there be another way ? YES ! We think there is !

  • Did you work full time before your Baby?

  • Did you have your own business already and are now having second thoughts on the nature of your business?

  • Do you believe there must be a easier way or having both a family and a job you love that doesnt take up too much time?

  • Would you love a job that fun and fills you up with love and makes you feel proud to help others?

  • Would you love a job that makes you feel like you are changing the world and contributing to a higher cause?

We could have the answer...

So I am sure since you have had your little bundle of joy, the thought of returning to work has been on your mind, Maybe at times at the back of your mind , but it soon comes round. 

In the current century we live in there is more and more pressure on Mums to go back to work to financially contribute to the house hold but also a huge pressure not to work too much as you will be missing out on your childs development as they grow up! 

Basically you cant win! 

I know I have been in this exact predicament. I was self employed working every hour, with a business that relyed on me very heavily. 

I returned to work within 4 months and truth be told I regretted it. 

This is when I started the Baby Retreat. 

I made the brave desision to Switch roles and make my life and business work around me and how I wanted my life to be. I wanted a job that was also fun and meaningful and filled my soul with love. 

So I now work 2 days a week and spend 5 days a week with my baby boy. (Instead of working 5 days and seeing my baby 2 days)

TBH I also got sick of watching "Gurus" and "Experts" all over the internet talking about having children and working. Firstly noone is an expert on babies we are all experts but only on our own baby,  but I also always feel like they are focusing on the business as if the children are a side line, a hobby and I know this is NOT how I want my life to be. I want to be RICH with LOVE. 

At the end of the day my young children dont understand money or my motivation to move up the career ladder, they just want to see my face all day, everyday and know I am there for them. 

The time will come they will go to school and I will ramp my business up, knowing I have layed a strong foundation with my children and my business, but for now I am balancing both and I think successfully!

If this resonates with you in some way and think you might you think you want to change your life, for your children then have a look at our training website. 

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