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Common Pregnancy Issues

Common Pregnancy Issues

When you first find out you are pregnant this can be an exciting time or it can be a shock or a worrying time depending on your own circumstances. However no matter who you are throughout pregnancy there can be many issues you might face. Physically,mentally,emotionally or spirtually. They can make you feel unwell, uneasy or feeling anxious.
Do you suffer with:

  • Back and muscle ache from carrying your growing baby ?

  • Maybe you have Pelvic pain ?

  • Do you get leg cramps when your trying to sleep?

  • Have you noticed your skin changing from dry to oily or oily to dry and are unsure what products you can use to help when you are pregnant ?

  • Maybe you have noticed stetch marks starting to appear?

  • Have you noticed Varicose Veins starting to appear that you didnt have pre pregnancy?

  • Maybe you have noticed your ankles are starting to swell?

  • Are you sufforing with constipation, indigestion or heartburn?

  • Are you suffering with Morning sickness and nausea?

  • Are you suffering from tirednesss and headaches?

  • Maybe your struggling to get to sleep and could be suffering with insomnia?

Are you feeling:

  • Anxious about dealing with the pregnancy mentally?

  • Are you worrying about every little things down to the food you can and cant eat?

  • Are you worrying about the pending labour as it edges closer?

  • Are you feeling down and depressed with your personal circumstances?

If you are suffering from any of these problems, or any other symptoms, we might be able to help you through massage therapy, if you are living in the Teesside area, Many of these problems are horemone related and can be calmed and soothed so they are not quite as intense as they feel.

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Pregnancy Massage Benefits

Massage can help with a number of Pregnancy Symptoms, these are just some of the ways we can help through the power of massage if you live in the Teesside area.

  • Massage can reduce back pain.

  • Massage can help reduced joint pain.

  • Masssage can improved circulation great for varicose veins and a sluggish digestion system. 

  • Massage can reduce edema ( swelling in the legs)

  • Massage can help reduced muscle tension and headaches.

  • Massage can help reduced stress and anxiety by reducing the cortisol horemone ( the fight or flight horemone)

  • Massage improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles.

  • Massage helps the digestion system to keep moving

  • Massage oils help keep the supple to avoid dryness or try and prevent stretch marks. 

  • Massage can help aid better sleep by relaxing the boy and the mind.

  • Massage can help boost oxytocin production " The feel good horemone"

Plus sooo much more, Massage is an holistic aproach that helps rebalance and realign the entire body again. Although you may feel you have only a couple of the symptoms, massage takes the whole body into consideration and aids every part of it to heal. 

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Lauras Story...

Laura was feeling tired from insomnia and muscles aches from her bump getting heavier, she was also worrying about her pending labour. She booked a course of 4 Pregnancy Massage, she discovered that massage helped relax her muscles, which led to feeling more relaxed which  then  improved   sleep and gave her more clarity to deal with her pending labour. 


Indias Story ...

India was in the final stages of pregnancy, infact she was overdue!

She wanted to book in for a massage but thought she was too late. However she discovered that massage increases oxytocin  which starts contractions naturally. She headed into labour feeling relaxed from her massage, knowing she was off to a natural start.

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