Coming Soon ... Join us in our Community for only £5 a month

Motherhood can be a very challenging and lonely place at times , when all we need is to know we are normal and part of a large community of Mummies. 

So we have created a 12 month bundles of love programme. 

It includes a wide variety of useful infomation and soooo much more... 

Such as:

  • Baby Massage 4 Week programme
  • Baby Yoga 5 week programme 
  • Pre and Postnatal Excercise Classes
  • Lots of helpful Scientific Reseach articles
  • Book recommendations
  • Membership to our Private Facebook Supportive Group.
  • Genius ways to save and make money with ease. 
  • Recommended free courses to help you understand your baby. 
  • Apps recommendation that are actually useful !
  • Plus so much more ...
  • and special gifts for you Mum. 

Basically we have done all the googling and research that you will no doubt do at some point in the first year. My main aim is to make sure every Mum knows she is not alone and I am sure you will have alot to contribute to our community of your own wisdom and discoveries. 

In a years time you will feel like the expert and want to pass it onto other new Mums. 

Join us