About Us

My name is Clare and this is my baby Zach. The moment I held him in my arms my world changed forever. 

I have worked in the therapy business for 12 years but having a baby and a birth trauma it has changed my focus to helping mothers to truly appreciate themselves during the most life changing time and to really help strengthen bonds between parent and child to create a sound mind and security for their future.

My mission is to change the world of mental health, one mother and baby at a time. 

All our treatments and massage techniques are specially tailored towards pregnancy and new mums, we have a specialised bed with extra length and width and specialised padding and gaps to cater for every body type. We even cater for breast feeding mums to ease pressure on certain areas of the body.  We also have seated massage option or fully clothed massage. Every treatment is designed with your comfort level in mind. 

Because we are specifically for mothers we don't mind if  nature calls during treatment or that your little one needs a feed or cuddle or that you might feel emotional during or after a treatment. We understand it all and always allow enough time to finish your treatment. you have earned every last minute after all. 

Within our baby class we understand these classes are baby led so if you need to feed your baby or give them a cuddle we don't mind and we can recap at a later date. 

You can rest assure with us you and your babies happiness comes first and we surround you with love and support as and when you need it. 

We offer a free consultation to meet and discuss your indivual needs

Always ready for a chat ...

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your own personal needs and circumstances, we will do our very best to accomodate you. 

We also provide a free chat consultation in your home to meet and get to know each other so you feel completly at ease when we commence treatment. 

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