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One to One Sessions


We can come to you! The pre and postnatal time can be very overwhelming and daunting time so we can come direct to you with all our Baby Education and our Mummy Treatments, so you can spend more time relaxed and getting to know your baby. 

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Our monthly Retreat sessions are a chance to meet other professionals in this area, and time for you and Baby to Bond and spend some special time relaxing and speaking to other like minded Mums and come away enpowered and read to face another day knowing you have a support network behind you.  

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Online Courses


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Learn Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, How to help settle your baby with Colic, Teething support, Coughs and Cold Management and much more, anytime anywhere (even in the middle of the night if you want to) 

with our online courses.

 Join our virtual village community so in the loneliest of days you know your not alone, With lots of help and advice and tips weekly. 

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Problems in Pregnancy

Common Pregnancy Issues ...

When you first find out you are pregnant this can be an exciting time or it can be a shock or a worrying time depending on your own circumstances. 

However no matter who you are throughout pregnancy there can be many issues you might face. Physically,mentally,emotionally or spirtually. 

They can make you feel unwell, uneasy or feeling anxious. 

Do you suffer with: 

  • Back and muscle ache from carrying your growing baby ?

  • Maybe you have pelvic pain ?

  • Do you get leg cramps when your trying to sleep?

  • Have you noticed your skin changing from dry to oily or oily to dry and are unsure what products you can use to help when you are pregnant ?

  • Maybe you have noticed stretch marks starting to appear?

  • Have you noticed Varicose Veins starting to appear that you didnt have pre pregnancy?

  • Maybe you have noticed your ankles are starting to swell?

  • Are you sufeoring with constipation, indigestion or heartburn?

  • Are you suffering with morning sickness and nausea?

  • Are you suffering from tirednesss and headaches?

  • Maybe your struggling to get to sleep and could be suffering with insomnia?

Are you feeling:

  • Anxious about dealing with the pregnancy mentally?

  • Are you worrying about every little things down to the food you can and can't eat?

  • Are you worrying about the pending labour as it edges closer?

  • Are you feeling down and depressed with your personal circumstances?

If you are suffering from any of these problems, or any other symptoms, we might be able to help you through massage therapy, if you are living in the Teesside area, Many of these problems are horemone related and can be calmed and soothed so they are not quite as intense as they feel. 

Please check out or prenatal massage page for more infomation on how we can help through massage therapy. 

Pregnancy Massages

Pregnancy Massage can help with all of these symptoms, check out how we can help by clicking the link below

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Common Issues Postnatally

Common Issues Post pregnancy

So great you have arrived into motherhood, however which way you have got here and you body and mind has been through alot! Firstly Well done you ! 

This tends to be the part where everyone fusses over the Baby and the Mothers get forgotten a little bit. 

There is a lovely quote I read thats says 

"Everyone holds the baby, but who holds the Mum?"

I like to think this is my role! 

So lets talk about the things you might be going through.

  • Are you suffering with Physicall problems still from the birth? Aches and pains, tear or a C Section scar?

  • Are feeling weak from the complete body effort it took to deliver you precious bundle?

  • Are you feeling anxious or depressed with everything you have been through or finding it difficult to get use to your new life and responsabilities? 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your situation and can't rest for worrying?

  • Are you struggling with the sleep deprevation?

  • Are you worried about ur breast milk and if you are producing enough?

  • Are you feeling emotional and alone like no one understands exactly how your feeling?

These are all completely normal symptoms when you have been through childbirth but they can all be healed with time and to help speed up this time frame massage therapy can help the process. 

Postnatal Massage is specially designed for New Mums and can be tailored to suit your indiviual needs. 

So check out the Benefits on our Postnatal Massage Page. 

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage can help with a number of Postnatal complaints. To find out how we can help click on the link below. 

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The Retreats

Bonding, Developing, Soothing.

Baby Classes have been designed and developed to help with a number of issues that might arise in early parenhood but also research shows that there are alot of benefits to babies development physically,emotionally and mentally from using the techniques learnt in class and continued at home. 

We bring Baby Classes into all our Retreats, but offer something for Mums too. 

Baby Massage can help with alot of aliments in a new born baby. 

  • Does your baby suffer with colic and wind?

  • Do you find it hard sometimes to settle your baby?

  • Do you find it hard to find time to sit and soley focus on your baby when you have a million other things to do in a day?

  • Are you a little unsure how you can bond with your baby and stimulate there sensors ( but not too much)?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsability?

  • Do you feel lonely at home all day?

  • Do you feel like you could do with some support and a sense of community around you?

  • Do you worry how you can help a your baby when they are teething?

All of these feelings and issues can be helped along with some special time designated to a Baby massage class. 

There is sooo many more benefits to baby Massage including brain development and motor skills. 

To find out more about how we can help in the Teesside area click on the link to take you to the BabyRetreat sessions page to find out the added benefits of Massage therapy. 

Baby Retreats

There is such must to be learnt and benefit from during a Retreat. It can give you the skills you need to use at home to soothe a crying baby, it can give you time to bond and can give you confidence in knowing you are not alone. 

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